a short list of things desired

5:05 p.m. x 2003-02-15

pandering by heidi fleiss
a twist of lennon by cynthia lennon-bassanini-twist
musicians in tune by jenny boyd
the imagine book and documentary
john lennon, my brother by julia baird
grapefruit by yoko ono
X's wild gift
X's under the big black sun
yellow submarine
magical mystery tour
all you need is cash
the complete beatles
the beatles - the first u.s. visit
the beatles anthology set (vhs)
a scarf, i'm badly in need of one -_- *it's très cold*

^-^ i had a very good day thusfar. let me begin by being utterly flattered...THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH ALEX!!!!!! for the rose, that is. i've never been sent one. i heart you ^-^!!! now that that's there, i may continue with my account of today...which began with the record store being CLOSED. closed on a saturday? what the hell?! my headcoats is being held hostage! it was alright though...borders had a buy-one-cd-get-one-half-off thing. i got rubber soul and sgt. pepper ^-^ i am a very pleased little individual.

*munch munch munch* i still have my edible playdough, alex. let me know how your boyfriend's speech goes. hehe, he picked a great topic...

hmm, i hate christina auguilera. it's her business if she wants to be a slut and hump random little patches of air and disgrace the good name of pornography...but she's dumb, too. i hate girls using the excuse of "trying to get rid of the double standard" - the only boundaries for you are in your mind. you are what makes you special - not your cup size. there are thousands of famous women in music, i can probably name more of them than i can men. maybe it's the generation i'm in but i don't see a big difference between male and female musicians. SO STOP USING IT AS A CRUTCH!!! it's like the KKK sucking on the tit of the first amendment and whatnot. you can do it but it still bothers the piss out of me. so yes...i saw the christina interview yesterday, obviously. it's a shame that such a nifty little voice was given to such a moronic little slut-bag.

*huff* okay, i'm done. i need a nap...*flips on i'm only sleeping* bye-bye...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
pieces of the moon
sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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