when surveys attack

11:16 p.m. x 2003-02-16


name: k@ri/myssi
if you were going to be the opposite sex, what would your name have been?: *shivers*...jesse...
age: very small...15
how old do you look?: smaller still, and yet some people tell me i look 20 @_@
what's the last song you sang?: dead leaves and the dirty ground by the white stripes, i sang it right before i went to bed last night
do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?: i don't kiss -_-
sexiest thing about the opposite sex?: i agree with the initial filler-outer of this survey; wit
do you sing in the shower?: nooo...i sing in the bath
are you in love with anyone right now & they have no idea?: probably not, but my brain and my heart aren't on speaking terms, so if i was i'd be the last to know
have you ever said i love you to someone and meant it?: maybe to a relative, DEFINITELY to a friend, never to a boyfriend -_-
what colour is the carpet in your bedroom?: uuugh, beige...
have you ever had a member of the opposite sex in your bedroom?: yes, and there are hilarious vignettes to be told about such experiences, but that is for a date that is not today
who is the sexiest man alive?: alive? oo, jack white
if your house was on fire and you could only save one item what would you save?: ...me, you fuckass...
who was your first best friend?: sara, the pilldow
who is the next person you'll buy a birthday gift for?: next...hmm, tweak i think celebrates next
what's your favourite number?: 111!
have you ever gotten detention?: ugh, yes. from mr. cunt, the english bastard
where is your favourite place to go on vacation?: my aunt's in new jersey
what's your favourite animal?: kittens ^-^
how many times do you bathe?: every day, at night
perfect wedding song?: probablyyy...oo, lovesong by jack off jill
who is the person that knows the most about you?: amanda and jason have quite the backlog of info
saddest movie?: donnie darko
scariest movie?: session 9
last movie you saw in the theatre?: pff...probably red dragon i don't remember, i hate movie theatres
who is the last person who asked for your digits?: i think my friend amber did but i don't know if we exchanged them or not
what's it like outside?: dark et snowy
what is the first thing you do in the morning?: on weekdays, get dressed; on weekends, listen to music
last concert you went to?: oh so long ago...i saw something terrible...i don't even care to recount it...
next concert you are going to?: i'd like to see the donnas, brittany wants me to see good charlotte with her
have you ever had sex?: i'm a virgin @_@ shut-up...
do you know how to wash clothes?: no, i'm a small child...
food you can't live without?: chocolate, chicken noodle soup, among other things
do you own handcuffs?: very small, very broken ones that go on keychains
in a kill or be killed situation what would you do if the person you would have to kill was a completely innocent stranger?: sorry bud but you're dead, i like alive-ness
in a perfect world, money and success and all that stuff aside, what would really be your dream job that you would just love to do with your life?: sing, write, draw, and resurrect john & george
what's the youngest age you would get with if it was completely consensual?: my own...i prefer older...
what's the oldest age you would get with if it was completely consensual?: hmm...i don't know. it depends on the man in question, really
what's the longest book you have ever read?: little women, that was one long mother
do you wash your hands right after you pet an animal?: i certainly try
do you think about the starving people in the world?: only when i see the pictures
do you know the meaning of your name?: yessir, "k@ri" was a scandanavian pagan name that meant 'pure', and when the christians took it they redid it as 'giver', then "lee" means 'field', i'm a pure field!
do you know what a 'chakra' is?: yes, i have books, you know...i read, and a lot of it's about mysticism...
do you have premonitions regularly?: premonitions: yes, regulary: no
do you think that research on animals can be extrapolated to humans?: i don't like any of that business in the first place
do you like pale skin or a dark tan?: personally, i prefer pale dudes
are you wearing fingernail polish?: black on every other nail, and on the remaining nails, sparkley "big bang" (pink)
do you feel more mature compared to others your age or immature compared to them?: i'd like to think more, i'd LOVE to think more, and i'll say more, knowing wrenchingly that it just is not so...

and the fizz in my new coke is frozen. ugh, i can't get a break.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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