the fizz in my coke is frozen

9:14 p.m. x 2003-02-16

frozen fizz! eew...that's pretty gross. or it looks so, the concept is interesting, though. "frozen fizz".

i'm sitting here with closer, frisk, try, guide, and period...i really miss my loose thread. that was the first dennis cooper book i ever got. i loaned it to jaypea in september @_@! i think i deserve it back now.

one of the bookmarks in these is a notecard with a rachel-quote on it; "that's the only real kind of perfect. when someone looks at you and you're perfect in the person's eyes you love." - that is far and away the most intelligent statement rachel's ever made and i love it. it's pretty true.

GOD...michael jackson documentary! be over already! i want to see lil kim's "driven"! i like "driven" better than you! *ugh* - excuse me. vh1's being frustrating. they're going to rerun michael jackson nonstop now, as if he weren't creepy and annoying enough.

anyone who believes he's only had two surgeries needs to climb on the short bus and take a looong, looong ride with me and my whacking-stick...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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