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1:36 p.m. x 2003-02-19

*UGH*...i am a dumb, stupid individual!!! i KNEW i went back to school to early!!! now manda has what i had T__T that's not something you'd burden a good friend with. though it does remind me to cough on my english teacher and barbara streisand.

like you're interested, but my two favorite beatles sites are down right now...they were both on the same domain that's now gone "tits up"...somehow it's reminding me that i'd like to buy my own domain soon. i've got a name set and everything, all i need is the cash and the skill ^-^. yes, someday, i will be able to design a website. i'm even lined up to take a class about it next year. if i make it to next year...*ugh*...

tenth grade was not the best year for me ever. but if i was to line it up beside all the other years, none of them really stand out as amazing. except maybe second grade...*sniffles*...i miss being a small child.

i think my childhood was pretty idyllic, though don't get me wrong - i didn't glide through it unscathed. i remember quite clearly the crippling, mind-bending confusion wrought by my first ever look at michael jackson. it was during the bonus music video that came with free willy...*shudders* that was the cause of many hours up late shivering in my little if you don't mind, i'm going to go convulse in a small corner and cry.

*sniff*...i need a juice box.

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