safer than heaven

3:28 p.m. x 2003-02-20

something posessed me last night and told me to get up at 11:30 and read the kurt cobain journals. don't really read those, it's more of a coffee table book, you know? but posessed-little-self sat up into all hours of the evening scouring the journals for things to amuse my tired little mind.

of course it couldn't have chosen a day when i didn't have to get up the next morning! STUPID, STUPID MIND! and that excursion didn't really do much except send me into a frenzy circa two a.m. about wanting my own band.

i want one really bad T__T i can't help it. it won't suck, i promise. i will do everything in my power as a singer/lyricist to un-suck as much as humanly possible.

hmm...i know i did other things yesterday. mostly all i remember is reading. that, the babes in toyland book and all we are saying. the former got me all geared up and the latter made me jealous of the quantity of stuff in the lennon-mccartney catalogue. *huff* it's frusterating being me. i know i should get off my lazy ass and do something, just be patient, i'm 15...i'm trying...

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