"i know what it's like to be dead"

10:18 p.m. x 2003-02-21

my sincerest apologies to tweak and clare, as i couldn't make it to the dance this evening. a little emotional wave hit me, and i've been holed up in the room for the duration of the evening. i don't know what brought on the sudden lapse in mood...it certainly wasn't helped by the e! true hollywood story that decided to pop on as i was relaxing.

innocent little k@ri hops home from a long, hard friday just wanting to collapse on the couch and watch tv. clicks 'er on, what decided to rear its fucking ugly head? the last days of john lennon.

somebody out there doesn't like me.

i did get something out of it, though. it subliminally reminded me to go rent rosemary's baby, one of my all-time favorite movies. rosemary woodhouse is my alternate personality. they used the dakota as the bramford in the movie, and all the looming shots of it on the e!t.h.s. reminded me.

so i sat...watched that...drew yoko (*sings* she speeent twenty years in the dakooota...come on, sing bastards). had a semi-eventful evening curled up in a fetal position smelling of vanilla and pencil lead. ugh, i will so make money off those drawings someday. SOON.

i need cash. i still don't have with the beatles or melon collie and the infinite sadness, which i'd really like right about now...

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