i heart thee headcoats

8:45 p.m. x 2003-02-22

lovely day out today ^-^ a karmic pay-back from yesterday. AT LAST, i got elementary headcoats and it's BEAUTIFUL! i love it!!! billy childish's interpretation of "help!" is priceless (hmm, a beatles cover...another sign?). also went to barnes & noble and got, again, AT LAST: PLASTIC ONO BAND!!! that's the first place i ever found it in stock! they also had life with the lions and two virgins...*plots* next week bebeh, next week...

my planet must be in a nice spot this month or something, because i've been creative lately. today i hit the lovely mark of 20 beautiful pencil drawings in my little collection. they're of, predictably enough, the beatles (GOD, i sound so much more obsessed than it looks...all apologies). i just did one of george and pattie boyd that i'm really proud of, and last night from 2 to 4 a.m. i drew pattie, jane asher, maureen starkey, and cynthia lennon in seperate headshots. cynthia and jane turned out great, i think, and my dad made a rude face at the cynthia one...

...argh him. i worked hard on that! @_@;;; my work never pays off. i don't get paid to do what i do, when i want recognition for it i'm "showing off". the only things i can do are write, draw, and sing. when i write no one wants to read it, when i draw i either have to stop and pay attention or people get mad that i CAN draw, and when i sing people yell because "my voice isn't annoying but the song is" @_@;;; AAAAGH!

i don't want to be like my mom and be stuck in a sucky job i don't like and adamantly look foreward to jury duty. i want a nice, fun job i enjoy doing, like sitting in a park and drawing the funny looking people or writing and singing for a band. fame and popularity aren't a factor, i'm afraid of famousness. you would be too if you sat up late one night watching vh1's documentary on celebrity stalkers. the death of john lennon alone, WAY before i liked the beatles, deterred me from really wanting the fame and fortune aspect of being an artist.

damn the necrophiliac media. good night everybody, i luff you.

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