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3:26 p.m. x 2003-02-24

this is so right...

(Perverse Spoiled Dysfunctional Child)

anyway, facts aside...i'm in awe of what a good time i've had. last night and today were actually really really really good...everyone won a grammy that i wanted to win, which NEVER happens (the apocalypse is comin', yo), and...*perverse little jumps of joy*...


you see, the paper that i wrote, the "too long" one that he didn't grade, would've effected the outcome, and so mr. satan figured that if i'd gotten a 40% on the paper, i would've passed. and he GAVE me the 40%! ha! i think he just wanted rid of me, really...but i'm so happy i cannot begin to tell you...and - AND - my algebra 2 grade doesn't rest on my geometry grade so i can go onto that! NO SUMMER SCHOOL FOR K@RI, WOOO!!!

ah yes...and today's token happy vignette: fellow 3D art abuser jordan was in the dollar tree this weekend when a sad, psychotic elderly individual crawled up and screeched "III'M GONNA CUT YOUR DICK OFF! III'M GONNA DO IT TONIGHT!"

say that to someone you love ~ more later, i need a rest. i'm wearing the most god-awful rediculous outfit: a smashing pumpkins "ZERO" tshirt, a black skirt, black stockings, black & white striped socks, black & white vans, and my john lennon hat. *tisk tisk*...i shall return. don't do drugs.

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