their sympathetic majesties request

7:25 p.m. x 2003-02-28

i want everyone out there to know that the meaning of life is subliminally imbedded in the album alright this time just the girls by the various female fronted bands who've had things released on the fantastic, infmous sympathy label.

60's inspired dance jams, detroit soul, calypso, japanese-tinged ramones, incoherent 14 year olds, and hole's first single. this cd set is my god. i had my mom get it for me at the last minute last year after i'd found it on amazon because mark ryden did the cover artwork (which should be reason enough to buy anything, you know, mark ryden is jesus). and then the label's owner, long gone john, goes through and talks about each cut on the's fantastic. it begins with the muffs and ends with satan's cheerleaders and there's no filler in between. to those who are completely lost, think (on the indie rock scale of course) "it begins with jimi hendrix and ends with the stones" kinda thing. mmm...holly golightly and april march are my heroes...

this is very good stuff. the good people sympathy for the record industry have amazing ears for talent. the white stripes were on sympathy, scarling.'s signed to them.

show a little love for sympathy today.


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