juicy green apple shampoo

10:03 p.m. x 2003-03-01

*sniff*...my hair smells unusually lovely. i'm used to roses or vanilla, but apple is a nice touch.

*huff*...i haven't been in here that much today. joined 6 new fanlistings -_- (i promise i'll use the 12-step program to quit, soon...), and (the reason i've been kept from here) toying around with a new weblog. don't know quite what i'm doing with that thing, although i'd like to make it into a fan resource for my favorite bands. that'll be interesting...time-consuming, if anything...anyway,

i have a mission!

you see, since i live right smack in the middle of redneck wonderland, there's a limited number of ways that i get to hear new music. most of the time i buy cds on the strength of lyrics or recommendation because i don't listen to the radio (there's no college/indie radio out here, either) and my slow-as-fuzz computer won't allow me to toil away on the internet while downloading something. so i hear very little before i make purchases and if i really want to hear something, it often means a long, excrutiatig wait...

...and tomorrow, my wait for one such thing is over ^-^. in every friggin interviewee, book, thing about kurt cobain, courtney love, babes in toyland, all those lovely people...i hear about sonic youth. i've never heard them, but there was a huge story on them in entertainment weekly and now i'm all too intrigued.

I WANT DAYDREAM NATION! and i shall have it...tomorrow, with my sara and a starbucks coffee...again, how unusually lovely ^-^.

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