mission fulfilled!

5:51 p.m. x 2003-03-02

rarely do my plans ever work, much less my plans devised with the sara, but today they worked. beautifully, in fact ^-^. i'm thrilled to ittie bittie bits...not only did i secure daydream nation but also dirty and six hours alone with my oldest, bestest friend! ending it of course with a classic line...

sara: you'll have to sleep over soon, so i can steal your stuff.

i love sara. i didn't realize how much i missed her, or how well we click ^-^. she agrees that the help! movie was written for us...that'll be her, manda, rachel and i someday. four townhouses that are really one big room and a band of eastern cultist after our jewlery, singing songs as we escape with our lives and the diaries of kurt cobain. four very warped young women's version of the great american dream by way of four british boys on speed!

new webloggy thing added, by the way. it's a bit of a departure, though, and rather empty right this second but i intend on using it in case i'd like to get really deep and brooding...or when i'm watching nick at nite, one knows how depressing "three's company" can seem at three in the morning...

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