sweetest irony

6:37 p.m. x 2003-03-04

today we were reminded of why k@ri is not anorexic, and of course to further add to the black humor we might also be reminded that today was fastnacht day - "don't not eat". so what did i do? i didn't eat lunch. and i nearly passed out in the bathroom at gym.

i think i'd be more up for eating lunch if it weren't for the menu. greasy cheesteaks, greasy pseudopizzas, pudding, and cupcakes. that's all well and good but, err...i think i'll just bring an apple and cherry water from now on. i don't usually eat lunch but i also don't usually pass out.

AT LAST...i have my writing back that i'd given to my therapist!!! as soon as i graduate, i'm grabbing my trust fund and setting up in new york. hopefully with a trusted associate...i get lonely too fast -_- i really want manda to come with me. i don't know if she would but i'll talk her into it. even for a year ^-^.

sara and i have a united cause, and it is against the "heeeheeeheee" girls. you know them, i'll bet you can think of one right now offhandedly. they're the kind that jump around and go
"heeeheeeheee _______ (instert random guy's name here)!"
they're annoying as hell and makes you feel all at once sorry for the men and sorry for yourself that you share a common chromosome with this spastic sack of leaking estrogen. ack.

and visit the weblog ^-^ it's lonely.

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