63 days until my birthday!...i think!

4:36 p.m. x 2003-03-05

heh. it sounds better to say "two months" but ah well. today i got a lovely surprise in the mail, from a relative but my dad threw the packaging away before i could check the return address @_@;;;. it's a pretty photo of the "imagine" monument, which (yes see it all ties together) is where manda and i are skipping of to for mon anniversaire seiziem - we have to go there, a bunch of thrift stores, cbgb's, and we must see a playyy...one i like this time. one that doesn't include singing nuns and nazis and songs my mother knows. *shudders*...ugh...

i've had a difficult time lately finding things. i'm a taurus. i'm possessive and materialistic and i buy a helluva lot. but everything i see seems out of my price range T__T if only i worked...being fifteen is a sad financial situation...

queen adreena's cds are in the 30$ price range!!! TOO MUCH.

cds are depressingly overpriced. even though those are imports, that's pretty ridiculous. whatever happened to 5 bucks getting you a single? and you know not all of that goes to the artist...sure there were a lot of people who helped in the record's production and everything but i don't buy a record because someone produced it. i buy it because i love the artist, i want to own their album and i want them to further them financially so hopefully they will have the ability to then make a lovely living and make more lovely records...but of course they're probably buying drugs instead @_@.

eh...in that case, i'd still want it for the album art...burnt cds don't have fun little pictures in them. or the lyrics. if it doesn't have the lyrics that's worse than the insane cost @_@. if i pay 20$ for a cd, i'd like to sing along with it, please!

no wonder nobody buys cds anymore sheesh...*pauses to contemplait on how she's completely contradicted the original opinion expressed* awe shit. okay, i don't know what i'm talking about now. but if this entry had a message, it was don't drink and drive. i think...

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