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9:51 p.m. x 2003-03-06

it's amazing what a wonderfully fun, paranoid time manda and i can share together when let loose on school grounds after it closes. then it's no longer our daily 7 a.m.-2 p.m. hell, but a haven for hallucinations of killers and liza minelli. *shivers*...that was fun...and who knew the lobby had such great acoustics?! i could spend days in there practicing. i can never practice singing anymore T__T.

not only has my lack-of-alone-time taken a toll on my practice time, but, despite the fact that i love him as i love all my lovely little friends and appreciate the chauffering-favor completely, jaypea's smoking has killed part of my range that i needed -_-. oh well...i can still nail jolene ^-^ i even got manda to like that song. we're looking at guitars on saturday, and they now have the daisy guitars shaped like hearts!!! *melts into a myssi-puddle* oh if i were any more heartless i'd vandalize in order to own one @_@ but me being the sweetie that i am, i'll spare them and buy one at a later date.

hmm, amazon has a "new" rasputina ep out, lost & found 2. i have the first one, which doesn't obligate me to get this one...but it has bad moon rising T__T i'm so tempted...god, rasputina's one of the few bands i've liked since i began liking music that are still together and regularly releasing material. GOOD material, no less. to see them, scarling., queen adreena, and brian hugh in concert would make me quite the happy little "schoolboy" - thank you rachel, for that compliment. she says i resemble a schoolboy with my new coat. as that's as close to "gender bending" as i'll ever hope to get, then cool.

hey, some people cross dress to look like anna nicole or elvis. i look like i belong in the cast of "oliver twist". yay me ^-^ i'm unique.

there are 45 songs in my traffic right now. so much for the anti-cd-burner @_@ ah well i don't plan on burning any of it. i just haven't heard anything good in forever...ugh...i hate living where they send the past features of the jerry springer show to breed...

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