"the happiest girl in the world"

3:56 p.m. x 2003-03-11

and so the world is out to make me feel like shit for yet another day. sometimes i honestly think some people enjoy being pissed and upset, they revel in it, it's their edge. I HATE IT! i've built my personality on detachment and unrelenting optimism! and it seems as though this month, everybody's out to kill that.

over the past few weeks i've been snubbed and insulted in every way imaginable, repeatedly no less, and for some of the dumbest things. two cases in paricular have been waying down on me; two particular instances of serious STUPID FUCKING HYPOCRISY and BLINDLY CRUEL RUDENESS and i've done nothing to either offendor...i'm just wearing a bull's eye this month, aren't i? well i have my weekend to look foreward to, sara's birthday is next month, then mine, then no more school ^-^ and since my school has run out of vacation days, my mom's allowing me to take a few random days off between now and june, *phew*.

another target of my misanthrope today is my driver's ed teacher. there's no reason for me to be in there, really. i'm not driving. not now nor will i ever own or operate a motor vehicle. i hate cars and have insane fears of being stuck in traffic. my mind wanders so easily i'd never be attentive enough to drive. besides - i'd crash. i mean it, i would. i'm 100% sure i would. with all that said; WHY would you want me driving at all?

next time he tells me to put my notebook away, i'm stealing his family matters tapes. hear that? they're GONE, ya bastard...*plots*...

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