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5:40 p.m. x 2003-03-12

halfway through a discouraging week, and my speech is due tomorrow. i was actually pretty excited about it before...i'm not one to ramble about the accolades of the people i look up to. an award or accomplishment may be important but it isn't always interesting, and i've tried to find (it isn't terribly hard) the most interesting points about courtney love that presently exist. but that's topics gotten so poorly recieved, without the benefit of anyone hearing the goddamned speech, that i just don't want to do it. i'm sick to fucking death of not being appreciated for anything.

that wasn't the best representation of my day -_- but ah well, i'm not too up at the moment. my caffeine hit a major high earlier today in 4th block when "the deadly trio" (that is sara, myself, and another girl named amber-lynn-marie) plagued the halls instead of going to gym. that cheered me up a bit, but i think i'm just sick of going to school.

just the coming and going and sitting and listening for hours is so tiring @_@ i don't mind the work all the time, but geez - we just have a very messed-up schedule. and a lot of the teachers are just pissing me off.

block one features bio with pms-woman
block two features the vietnam survivor
block three features either the newly wed (and the only nice teacher, might i add) and the conversation nazi
and block four features the dreaded cast of the crazy old careers' class lady, the midget gym teacher, and the driver's ed teacher who collects coroner's report pictures @_@;;;

jeesh. bunch of crazy bastards...

and if you'd note, i've added a link under "et cetera" over there to your right for the d.landers against war in iraq ring, in honor of the recent anti-war sweep amongst some of my close associates and i. i being the one who's absolutely against watching the news, i tend to be slower in these developments, but my god this is screwed up @_@. let's forget for a moment the word "war" and the hollywood-imagery it may evoke. let's forget for a moment that it is with iraq and some very crazy, screwed-up, powerful assholes. let's instead set our focus for one moment on this very important, oft-overlooked fact...

guns + bombs + gases + tanks + a very dim, bloodthirsty little prick named george = nuffin good. why don't we just send him over? maybe he'll confuse the iraqees, they'll laugh, drop their weapons of mass destruction, and the world may finally unite in one good, long laugh at our incredibly fuckwitted president.

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