the day-long weekend

6:04 p.m. x 2003-03-16

concidering my lack of sleep this weekend, to me it's all been one vaguely blurry day. but nonetheless...nothing i could've thought of would've been better. everything turned out great and i had the BEST time in months!!!

at sara's, we watched movies, played with her stereo and recorded a tape that includes us pretending to be reporting for the BBC, me singing the theme from rosemary's baby, and sara's puppy princess serenading us with her version of "i did it all for the nookie". after this, we lied down in her grandma's room and fell asleep talking, then woke up several hours later to resume the conversation as princess walked on us. AND WE PLAYED WITH A LABEL-MAKER!!! *nervous giggles* whaaat...those things are fun...

sara: BBC1! BBC2! BBC3! BBC4! BBC5! BBC6! BBC7!

now tweaks', whoosh, tweak's party ranked with the best of sara's sleepovers. it had everything: innuendo, stupid games, deep soul-searching discussions, little sleep, a good movie, and a bunch of very rowdy strange people. the cast included...

myself, i'd presume you know me by now
tweak, the 15th birthday girl
clare, who came up with the most marvelous array of dances
catie, my new lesbian
katy (auntie m), who looks EXACTLY like katie holmes albeit a better tan
kara, the guitar-playing, belly-dancing spanish-speaking wonder
paul, her spanish-speaking male companion and "fixer-of-guitars" (*hint hint* was that sexual?)
sam, the demi-bethany
josh, previously known as "bus boy", now known as "man servent"

the "normal" half of the evening was a blur of games ('the acting game' and 'murder'), dancing to spanish pop, and watching moulin rouge, then after some of the party went home or went to sleep, a very interesting thing happened with first concerns a very odd room.

in the back of tweak's very entertainment-roomish-but-still-basement-like basement, there is a guestroom slightly smaller than my room. and it is yellow, and it scared me a little. but since my back is terrible and my legs are worse, i asked if i could sleep in there. i really love that little room now ^-^ it was fun. after the french-whore movie ended; clare, tweak, katie holmes and i (and kara for the last few minutes) sat on the bed talking, from one a.m. to six. everything was covered - religion, death, racism, was beautiful. especially when the debate got so intense that clare created the rule of "the speaker and only the speaker holds the daffodil - everyone else is silent". that daffodil was abused...but GOD it was the most fun i've ever had in a heated debate. after it became visibly morning, tweak and katie holmes went to sleep in the basement area and kara, clare and i slept in the yellow room.

so that was my wonderful weekend ^-^ and lastly but not leastly...


(warning, the following contains misspelled spanish):
katie holmes: so what is it again, "heldago tu bruha"?
clare: no, "hodago" is fuck, unless you want to say "ice cream you bitch".

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