a bit about my "stress day"

8:55 p.m. x 2003-03-17

alrighty everyone. i had a very tiring weekend. i think it's very obvious, too. i was tottally out of physical commission today, looking foreward to a nice relaxing day off wherein i could lie down and get a little myssi-work done (i.e.; things that have nothing to do with school).

at around ten (excrutiatingly early for me if i'm not doing anything in particular), my dad begins to force me out of bed. that sad sack really needs a job, jesus christ. i couldn't even leave my room and go downstaires unless i really felt like being bothered with his constant rude proddings. "is you room clean yet?" NO my goddamn motherfucking room is NOT clean, that is NOT why i stayed home and it IS clean to me! I HAVE NO DESK, i do all my work on the bed. at the end of the day everything goes off the bed and on the floor beside me for easy access the next day. do they care about my artistic productivity? NOOO...they care that they can't vacuum!

so i've just been in my room all day. i made a really disturbing collage out of pictures from "the face" and "entertainment weekly" (and yes, i can make that disturbing) while listening to my burnt cd of acid bath tunes. i promise to buy their cds for my birthday...and the agents of oblivion and deadboy and the elephantmen ones ^-^.

merr, i actually have to do research for my next speech. i know little about the west memphis 3, but i'm going to persuade the class that they're innocent because henry rollins seems to think so. that, and i can't come up with anything else. persuasion is a form of argument, and i suck bitterly at winning arguments. the sooner i say "okay" the faster you shush up...

...and now i'm off to see the wizard.

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