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6:48 p.m. x 2003-03-18

an alright day to kick off my week. certainly not terrible but it doesn't really rank "up there", certainly not with my weekend. i was so proud of the collage i did yesterday, and i'm still proud of it, but it represents the odd little mental barrier between myself and everyone else my age.

and thus i'd like to complain about the art club. i'm not allowed in the art club, many people in the art club have comprised various reasons and excuses about why i cannot join, and now, i don't want to be in the goddamned art club. there isn't one club in my entire school system befitting me - the writing club's dead and gone and the art club seems comprised mainly of elitist seniors who have friends that hate me. AGH - *breathes* - i'd just like people to shut up and listen to me so i get a fair trial before you decide that you hate me.

i hate the art room and i never want to go in there again. i have speech tomorrow and for once i'm very happy about it...

*skims over entry thusfar* i hate the mood i've been in lately. today my therapist gave me a little yoga booklette that i intend to curl up with after my bath. then i'm going to listen to rubber soul, watch nick at nite or some fuzz, and force saccharine-flavored happiness on myself despite the plastic aftertaste.

i hate ending the day on a down note -_- i end up having nightmares in which i'm trapped inside richard simmons' "sweatin' to the oldies" video, *shudders*...

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