a very strange series of events

3:59 p.m. x 2003-03-20

today was just plain bizarre. just about every aspect of my day was slightly askew. to begin with...i cut my thumb in bio on the desk. the desks aren't even sharp! i looked down at my hand and it was very AGH...that table's vicious. in american cultures, my lunchbox-purse flew off my desk when i wasn't doing anything (i think it just needed alone-time). in third block bethany was actually in a workable mood (which deserves a very weak "aaagh..."), and in fourth i had FUN - yes you heard me correctly, FUN - swimming with tiff, amber, ashley, and yet-another-amanda. but of all these lovely oddities...one took the cake (or lightly fluffed pasterie, if you will)...

in resource; sara, manda and i played a computer game affectionately known as "dope wars", wherein you are informed that 'addicts are paying outrageous prices for ______!' and you have to sell out however much you have of the said drug, or "honest harry" will come after you (i think harry has some commitment issues). that was marvelous, though sara wouldn't make the world's best drug dealer, it was endearing to watch her try ^-^.

ah yes, and you may have noticed that we have a new layout! i really love this one. it's in celebration of the release of the FIRST SCARLING. 45!!! which you must go order nooowww. the picture isn't a scarling. one @_@, it's jack off jill...but as soon as i get the 45 (which is on it's merry little way), i'll scan it so it's nice and big and cute and stick 'er up there. and the artwork is fabulous, courtesy of my personal artistic jesus mark ryden.

so now i bid you "bye-ness", in hopes that diaryland is now recovered enough to post my dear little entry...

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