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3:24 p.m. x 2003-03-21

i am so pissed with this;

"i am REALLY fucking worried about gimpy. i was at his house for a total of 6 hours tonight, just hanging out with him and dustin. well then justin came over and brought two bottles of robatussin. gimpy was robo-trippin. meaning he drank both bottles in less than a half hour. he was fine at first, then he ran upstairs and puked EVERYWHERE. he's really fuckin' trippin, and i'm scared because when i was over there his eyes were rolling back in his head and shit. it was fucking scary."
- brittany's diary

AGH. that isn't SCARY that's DUMB! my ex is such an asshole. it's stuff like that that clinched my not wanting to date him. that and the fact that he always liked amanda...argh, the situation's so stupid it isn't even worth milling over.

the thing that IS worth ranting about is tomorrow night - ashley, amber, tiff, a friend of their's, and *moi* are off for an evening out ^-^ YAY! i'm excited, aren't you (as i'm sure you are)?

new link up by the way, dedicated to my current cause: THE WEST MEMPHIS 3. i'm giving a speech on them next week and i'm exciteeed! i'm so revved up about that topic, i've rarely ever read anything that moved me in such i way i felt as though i myself was being violated by the events...meanwhile, jaypea's speeching about helmets. i hear his will involve an egg. i'm intrigued.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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