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6:26 p.m. x 2003-03-25

THE 45'S ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!

i aaam in heaven...and if there truely is a heaven, it sounds like these two songs ^-^ !!! i am tres pleased *does the happy dance* AND, i went to a friend of mine's very expensive hair salon today to have thee hair touched up. i was quite excited about this for two reasons: one being, plain and simple, that may hair's been looking like shit, and the other being that i wanted ringlettes like courtney love used to have in her hair.

she did a wonderous job of unshittifying my hair *applause* but the ringlets look terrible. not only are they limp and are thiiis biiig *holds fingertips close together* but they're far to trendy-looking to coordinate with the rest of my appearance. but the hairdresser karmically redeemed herself by making my tired mother buy every product she used on my hair ^-^ including a purple bottle that says "superstar: for thick massive hair" from bed head. *shakes her head* whoosh, i feel renewed!

AND I GAVE MY SPEECH TODAY!!! looking at it, my day was quite the unsucky experience. given that i swam today, i thought it would be. but my hair, scarling., and jaypea's rendition of "you learn" by alanis morissette has made it a good one. the john paul was indeed very affectionate and up today, that makes me happy ^-^. i love the jaypeaz. the rides to and from school (mostly from, as they're at a more convinient time) will be some of the most happily looked upon memories from my highschool existense.

today as i was getting my hair done, i noticed something. i'm pale. i mean, if you know me and you didn't notice that, i'd beat you...but i'm really sickly looking. i've never worn makeup for it either ^-^ i'm 100% naturally PASTY...but god i didn't know i looked like that. maybe it was the lighting @_@ but i am seeing a doctor soon to talk about my blood. there's something wrong with it, not it itself but it isn't doing all of its required tasks. it's being a SLACKER!

so as i go off to peruse (?) the internet, i suggest you go buy the scarling. 45 because it is beautiful and features a nun and a cherubic bleeding head (and lest we forget the lovely typeface!).

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