the wonders of third block

3:54 p.m. x 2003-03-26

for now, my third block classes and i have come to a truce. i'm starting to enjoy them immensley ^-^. and so today, i shall tell you about them.

every other day is speech, with jaypea and alex. last class, one guy gave a speech on the evils of walmart ("always low wages - always!"), and once another kid was talking about ahlzimer's, and he repeated some of his speech over again at the end, because he didn't remember saying it the first time.

then whenever i don't have speech, like today, i have art, with jordan, heather, and bethany! and two girls named christie and bridgette. jordan once pushed me off a chair by accident and i landed in a pile of dried plaster...*shudders*...

anyhoo, today we continued educating bethany in the adult world. upon talking to each other, jordan and i realized that bethany did not know what an STD was. alright, that had to be one of the more juvenile things i've done all year, but if you knew bethany...ooooh bethany...

me: you don't know what an STD is?
bethany: no, what is it?
me:*pause*'s a sexy transvestite from djibouti.
christie: exactly!
bethany: why are you talking about a sexy transvestite from djibouti?
bridgette: HERPES.
christie: SYPHILLIS.
bethany: awe, this transvestite has a lot of sexually transmitted diseases.

need i say more? this is the kind of individual we've let into the honors class. they'll fuck the system over and it'll be the life skills class that leads the free world to a new era in art and technology.

that reminds me - rachel was mocking the retarded population today, and it visably peeved the sara. then of course, amanda, myself, and these two sat around the photo room in near-silence during free period while they ran the news. i HATE the news! george w.'s on every five minutes...he is not a great example of the better people of the united states. maybe it's the pessimist in me (it's running around down in the depths of my conciousness singing the cure's songs), but sometimes i feel bad about being american. americans are viewed as the stupidest of contradictions: fat but vain, lazy but in a hurry, ignorant but advanced, and have bad manners...i hate living here sometimes. but i'm also afraid of living anywhere else because i think i'd be stereotyped as something up there.

ugh. okay i've pissed myself off. i'm tired and would like a cofee now...

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