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4:41 p.m. x 2003-03-31

i'm in a fetish-kinda mood today. it's amazing how just slipping on the vinyl feels so empowering @_@ even to little me. i felt very sure of myself and very (dare i say it?) *sexy* all day thanks to my wonderful 15 eyelets of vinyl POWER and prettiness ^-^.

which brings me to a new feature of the new layout...the "clix" down there. i want EVERYONE to click on "I", the first one, and better their life in some form. it's taschen.com and they have thee most WONDEROUS splendiforous selection of arthouse and fetish photography books. i picked up their scrapbook of pin-up girls one day with manda and it's been close to me ever since.

whatever happened to the days when they had beautiful women in pretty lingerie in "dirty" magazines? it's so tasteful, so artful. *tisk tisk* i think the seventies did it. then they turned into the eighties and all went to hell. then just when you thought things were looking up...i was born...how's that for national moral decline?

i also must find a link on joel-peter witkin. that man is the ONLY reason - ONLYYY - that i'm taking photo next year. so i can feel miserable and fustrated that i'll never be as good as him at capturing the beauty of an naked obese woman and a transvestite in a mock prison line-up. he truely is jesus...*sniff*...

and now i'm off to plague the rest of the world with my very being. BUY ELEPHANT TOMORROW (the white stripes' new cd) OR I'LL COME POKE YOU UNTIL SUCCUMB TO THE STRIPEDNESS.

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