a very fun day, although this is no indication therein

3:01 p.m. x 2003-04-01

i'll share my fun day with you after i get back from therapy. right now i'd like to share with you a little something...

if one of my friends cuts - i feel bad. i feel bad that they're doing it because of comfort they don't think they can come to me for. i feel WORSE if they just do it because they're BORED and it HURTS MY GODDAMN FEELINGS.

i hate cutting. when i'm older and famous i want to use my celebrity to aid kids who do it and help them get out of it and properly educate people on it. it's a disease - not a goddamn trend. or it shouldn't be.

i hate seeing scars on my friends. i hate the thought of reliving "certain past experiences" with them. essentially: i don't want them to die.

I'M FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD! I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THIS!!! NONE OF MY FRIENDS are even near the halfway mark - HALFWAY - in their lifespan. to quit now would be forfitting...say, 64 of 79 years. A HELL OF A LOT. and in that time, things may be completely different!

what the hell...i'm making a huge point out of this in my next speech: an analyzating of the song strawberry gashes. i will be brutal - and you have not even SEEN me be brutal...

...*ugh* i'm not mad at anyone. just know that it hurts my feelings? because i love you. WOW. fucking amazing, eh...somebody cares...i feel like a fluffin care bear. okay i'm rambling, *end of entry!*

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