the world's most gorgeous suffix

2:31 p.m. x 2003-04-04

some people just go miserable over stupid phraseology. others use it to their advantage - everything has a purpose, after all, even blitheringly braindead mistakes! and bethany, who happened to attach the most celebrated suffix in all the world ("-ness") onto the end of the most celebrated name therein (jaypea) thus starting a riot of laughter across an otherwise dreary speech class ^-^. i even got alex to say it - a testament to ingenuity and good timing as opposed to stupidity.

and lest we forget "hungry mungry"? jordan speeched about a bastard who hate the kind of reminded me of the fat ass who groped me in sixth grade...that was the only humerous poem and it's going to give me nightmares T__T !!!

tres important news bulletin! our beloved, aged, schizophrenic geezer betsy called an ambulance on herself yesterday. she's slipping fast. feel like celebrating what's left of the existence of the world's only living souvenier from the dark ages? grab a fler!

completely random entry, i know -_- but what the hell, i'm happy! *and a big hug for everyone*!!!

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