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4:03 p.m. x 2003-04-07

hehe...that was an interesting weekend. and so tumultuous! yet-another-amanda couldn't go because of her mono, tiffany made chicken quasidillas and mini-deep-dish-pizzas at 4 a.m., I SAW RICHARD GERE TAPDANCE! (and i will again, too...), and to top it all off...I BOUGHT LOVE CUFFS!!!

they're the red, heart-shaped handcuffs from spencer's gifts ^-^ the set they came with costed too much but by themselves they were only 8$...i was supposed to be tiff-shopping but hey, i had 45$. some of that was for me.

and of course, being the fiend that she knows she is, yet-another-amanda decided to get our sweet, innocent tiffy the teenage-right-of-passage gift (*hint* is vibrates). ashley almost broke it >-< "IT WON'T STOP!!!..." it eventually did *phew* - but poor tiff (*note* her little 3-4 year old cousin calls her "tit" ^-^). may her parents never find that thing under her pillow. *cough* "would you like batteries?"

songs included on this outing were "these boots were made for walking", "girls just wanna have fun", and "don't you forget about me" - which all played in the mall as we skipped throughout. kinda weird how i remember this stuff, isn't it?

the next day (that would be sunday), my manda and i went to see chicago.


in other words...*le sigh*...it was splendiforous. i even liked renee zellweger, who rubs me in that particularly wrong and uncomfortable way. even she was good. if my school were to put on a production of chicago...i'd actually try out. me - who has a phobic diversion of all school-esque. i'd try out for "velma"...i wouldn't get it but would i ever WOW them ^-^. and my manda would be "roxie" - because she could do someone in within the first ten minutes of the play and you'd still want her to get away with it. go manda.

and then today...it snowed. it's april...in some states it's summery now. it WAS summery two days ago! today - we got a two-hour delay and we were released early...not bad. i didn't feel up to school today anyhow, i was so tired last night @_@. extra html work - i'm TRYING to teach myself how to design. this, actually, is going far better than i'd expected ^-^ concidering i love working with html (despite whatever i say - i do) but i'm bad at grasping it. i'm getting there, though!

and so now i must eat dinner...i urge you all to drop by spencer's and ask for batteries and eat t.g.i. friday's chicken quasidillas and be cool like me.

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