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9:53 p.m. x 2003-04-11

*phew*...i'm tired -_- had a wonderful day though. thee clare slept over, and we exchanged happy thoughts about the concepts of nazism, war, the rocky horror picture show, and jack white. there was dancing, there was singing, there was "rocket to russia"...it was beautiful. john hughs could have directed it ^-^.

YAY! i am tres happy...i've actually designed a layout for this thing ^-^ my very own made-by-myssi layout, to be debuted soon...SQUEEE! i'm so proud!!! i've been trying to design something since...*thinks*...three layouts ago. i've just now grasped html enough to do it ^-^ but for now let us marvel at this layout a bit longer. i like the pinkness and utilities...

...not terribly much to say i'm afraid -_- i've been entertaining myself on the scarboard with the plethora of new jessicka interviews ^-^. she is my jesus. *mwah.*

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