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8:29 p.m. x 2003-04-13

how do you check your google hits? just curious. i'm still learning all the aspects of web-stuff. i've almost "fully" grasped html, though. i'm dying to make a design site...but that's a summer thing. i'm lifeless enought to devote my summer to html, yeah.

*le sigh*...excuse my tired-ness, i had to clean chez myssi today. it was dusty and smelled like my cat. in the process i found my old diaries - all twelve, spanning from 96-99. fourth through seventh grade, i think. i hate looking at some of those...i was a very dispondent child. there are a lot of "why doesn't anybody like me???" entries. but...i'm glad i got suicidal tendencies out of the way before puberty. that made adolescence easier. "not EASY - easier!" says kate hudson. and she was right.

and...jay wiseman is my new jesus ^-^ SM101 is the best book, it doesn't make me want to skip around or only devote a few minutes a day to. i'm addicted to it in all it's black & white whip-in-hand glory.

bitch is a fun magazine, too. i haven't ever given thought as to whether or not i'm a feminist...i never felt challenged by anything because i'm a girl. which i guess means they're doing their job and doing it well. as with anything i don't think it should be judged by it's radicals (valerie solanis, anyone?), but it is an interesting thing that i like to read about, like catholicism or serial killers (not to equate feminism with, um...oh you get it ^-^;;;). plus they gave us bikini kill, whome i enjoy immensely for only owning 1 cd (hey - i'm slow and low on cash, give me a break).

"i'm so sorry if i'm alienating some of you

see? that's beautiful, almost in the same moving, thought-provoking way as "be like the squirrle" and "we all live in a yellow submarine".

almost ^-^.

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