1:39 p.m. x 2003-04-15

i need to calm down -_- i'm going to therapy in a bit here, just thought i'd stop in. the important thing that EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW RIGHT NOW is that MANDA ALEX AND JAYPEA ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH. EVER - and they love me and understand me no matter what ^-^.

i'm vaguely sick of being the accepting one when no one will accept me. i have no problem with anything anybody does - i may not like it, but i don't yell at anybody! i think drugs and unsafe sex and cutting are bad things, my friends do them - do i tell them to do otherwise? NO. i'm the SAP - i'm the LISTENER! i sit and smile and nod! WHY CAN'T ANYONE DO THAT FOR ME?!?! to just understand?!

yeah...*huff* i need to go hose down or something or i'm going to cry again. i was thinking about what clare said, that she'd like to live in the 50's where everything is plastic and happy. i want to be happy and comfortable right now >-< i'm really really alone...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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