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7:17 p.m. x 2003-04-16

over in alex's diary, there's a new (visibly less-than-existing) cause: donating your random locks to the outdated wonder that is cher. all the cool kids are doing it.

*le sigh* i'm hopelessly tired T__T we had gym today, and i got to hang out with sara a lot. i'm glad i saw she and manda a lot today ^-^ and even 3D art was fun...talking sponges and yoda make me smile. and i actually made something out of clay, even with my 3rd-dimensional-disability, i managed to carve out a reasonably cute creation while doing strange little dances on my chair. and it didn't suck ^-^ which is a nice feature about 3rd block. it rarely has all year (sucked, that is).

AND...i don't have school friday (squee!), thus i can give my fragile little nervous system a bit of a rest and watch the rest of "lost highway" (if that doesn't sound contradictory yet, i suggest you try watching a very scary robert blake smiling at you right as you're dozing off - it ain't pretty). AND MY AUNT'S COMING!!! my aunt, whom i miss and haven't seen in a while...i hope we go to the mall with manda. i want to show them the random oddities that have magically appeared in the backs of many stores (it always seems that i find really odd things popping up around spring, such as myself and my siblings).

haha! at last! i've finally grasped the "stats" page! i'm too easily amused by html and webcode things...and one of the searches that has lead an unfortunate individual to this diary is "super sadist".


speaking of the lovely miss jessicka...scarling. desperately needs to drop by a local venue (preferably my back porch, i can serve tang and rice crispie squares and we can discuss the war, tom jones ("knickers for vicars!"), prime time television, and the horrors ensewing in all). my mother has actually offered to by ozzfest tickets for mandamanda and myself, so we may see "brian hugh live!". i'm interested in this "grotesk burlesk" concept, it's definitely showing off his intellectual edge, which is what i admire about him. helnwein's artwork is very impressive (says the pencil artist whose last big endeavor was the cover of the "help!" vhs - i am forever unwittingly inspired by the red-and-white striped scarf ^-^).

and on a final note - i got the group picture back today! total people-i-know count: 10. that, for me, is phenominal. tweakie, clare, sam, kara & paul (*muffled laughter and broken guitars*), bridget, brandi, amanda b., aaliyah - and *ME*. a friend of amanda b's was also taking our picture, and laughing...the average was 5 people and we had 16...hell it was tweak's picture! she's the only person who could go around and ask 16 of her friends and they'd all (almost) say yes! if i did that it'd be...three or four sad lifeless individuals. if that. but no...only tweak could gather 16 lifeless individuals and have that wonderfully pitiful moment frozen in time forever ^-^. that's why we love our tweakie! and all her luffable little quirkishly yay friends! *le sigh*...kara's only written one entry in her diary. i completely agree with her top two greatest fears - at least there's a good crop of freshmen @_@.

and now i should stop, i'm already rambling and i'd like to go play with html a little before i go to bedness. au revoir, rent "secretary" and "rosemary's baby", and don't do drugs. *MWAH!*

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