beware ze wheel!

9:20 p.m. x 2003-04-17

i'm so happy i learned the stats page thinger (thank you deathblossom ^-^ !!!), look at these marvelously descriptive hits..."dildo fight", "my lesbian sleepover", "nymphets and cat", "brian molko in the bath". how accurate is that?! ha...

oh geez today's free period was...something. the kind of thing you'd be thinking about for quite a while after it occurs., an art supply tried to kill bethany. and of all things it was her favorite one - the clay pot wheel. as jordan innocently sculpted a miniature pot on the offending wheel, the little upstart FLEW (UFO-style, baby) out and missed bethany by a matter of inches, very bob marley assassination-esque. in it's path of destruction also happened to be a bucket of water that drenched the art room floor, much to our teacher's delight. i don't think that floor's been cleaned in quite a while @_@.

*MWAH!* evening, and take my survey ~

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