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8:14 p.m. x 2003-04-22

today was my and manda's second day in our new lunch spot. diagonally from us, there sat a life skills participant happilly drooling on his lunch. the two girls sitting opposite us started heavily into one of those teen girl conversations that involve a lot of hand movement and "ohmygawd"s that are so fun to watch. manda and i were, but it didn't look as though mr. life skills was paying any sort of attention.

and then - he started mimicking them. in synch, perfectly. it was marvelous. then jordan turned to look at him, and (i'm assuming this was an act of "look what i can do" rather than some absurd form of self-abuse) he bent his fingers onto the back of his hand @_@! just try it a little bit. i'll bet you couldn't get half as far as that one went. i think he has a crush on jordan...*maniacal giggles* ah, life skills love.

hit of the day: "i love 7th grade porn". it's starting to feel IQ-diminishing to use google anymore @_@. which reminds me of bio, which i had in the library today. everyone was given a description of a particular ailment and we had to use the symptoms to find the disease. the boy next to me had chosen menopause, and he had to sit in class - the whole hour and a half - with a big, propped-high computer screen reading "coping with your dry vagina". that was priceless ^-^ a memory that will remain with me for many a year to come.

*huff* - this entry was dry and unemotional, which doesn't do my day justice. i had quite a nice day, and my creative-o-meter is going "BAZOOM" so i'm in a very nice spot right now. i even drew jack white nicely ^-^ that makes me smiiiile...! my next project is drawing a model whose picture i found in "pop" magazine - michelle valencourt. i wanted to tear up her spread - i would VIOLENTLY AND IRRATIONALLY HARM (not necessarily kill...*cough*) to look like that. if you happen to pick it up...she's near the back. it's a black and white series and her hair's really frizzled. but it made me jealous...and reminded me that i'm slightly pear-shaped. ah well - life goes on (with the pear-shape). i'll live (with the pear-shape). honestly my only issue is i need to lose a little weight (HA - and how many times have we heard people say THAT?).

but my okay-ness with my own body does not restrict me from my right to want to steal her skin and hide for a while...

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