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4:18 p.m. x 2003-04-24

*stares lovingly at the winamp* i'm very pleased with my mp3 player's current skin, and i believe it's the nicest one i own; a close-up of a polaroid having something to do with queen adreena. if you go to the weblog you can clickie on the site where i got it (adreena web - it's one of the X's) and share in it's happy glow ^-^.

today i'd like to give a little credit, a "shoutout" if you will (*retarded giggling*), to mp3s everywhere. i don't generally support the mass-burning of albums in their entirety, BUT - i don't mind downloading the music. if it weren't for mp3s, i wouldn't own some cds or know of some artists that i adore beyond words. queen adreena, le tigre, nirvana, drain sth, theSTART...all introduced to me via the internet. concidering the hellhole i live in - it's no surprise. i downloaded my first favorite songs ever ("duvet" by boa and "gutter glitter" by switchblade symphony) and i've given up on hoping to see most of the bands i really love in concert.

EXCEPT scarling. and brian hugh - my mother is actually securing tickets for the manda and i to attend ozzfest, which will be the first concert i've attended since...the other one. yes, it was (you are sitting, aren't you?) an N*SYNC CONCERT! and - that experience was what made me dislike pop music. that was when i could even stand it a bit - but they sucked bitterly live. people walked out, but it was an arena and i was way up, so i was stuck for the duration @_@ *blah*.

my first concert, though, was hanson (and no - you did not misread that), and let me tell you right now: they will be tough to beat. i was very young and it made me appreciate what a great live show is, and started an early taste in music that's still recurring and probably will not let up: i'm very particular about the band writing and playing the stuff themselves. so, in my opinion, it started the ball rolling nicely - and forever steered me away from bands that everyone knew about - i actually got quite a bit of hell for liking them @_@ (says the beatles fan - appearantly that paranoia has subsided slightly so).

hmm, *toys with the playlist* YAY! the new songs downloaded...ugh, i have funny taste in mp3s. my mp3 interests run in a conciderably different direction than my album interests, i think it's something concerning the attention span...

...speaking of different things - i've spent the past week watching "the 50 most influential artists in hip hop" on vh1 and i have yet to see who #1. they passed run dmc, missy elliot, and the fugees which covers my taste in hip hop, but then it's no surprise...i'm very white - you can't expect me to know who #1 is this particular time. BUT it should've been one of those...just like the #1 most influential woman in music should've been jessicka.

i think they should allow me to run a music channel. i promise it won't suck and the nudity will be plentiful BUT tasteful (this includes john lennon but excludes cher - sadly). yes, MyssTV would include videos by artists such as my ruin and queen adreena, talk shows updating the goings on of bands indie bands hosted by courtney love, and helpful advice from the knowing minds of kathleen hanna and ringo starr. awe, i like this:

myself: sometimes things happen and we don't know - just plunge in head first and that's how you learn
rachel: very true, YOUR SO GOD DAMN WISE IT MAKES ME SICK - want some chocolate?

^-^ *teehee* i try. if the rockstar thing fails i'm thinking infomercial...

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