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11:23 p.m. x 2003-04-25

thank you to everyone who has filled out my survey ^-^ and those of you who have not - go do so now! it's only seven questions that are pretty easy to handle. but in case anything is slightly unclear, i'll take a moment to clear up any lingering suspicions with k@ri's take on social politics...

1. what's more obscene: a picture of a war casualty or a couple enjoying consensual s&m?
death is far uglier than love (and hooray for bdsm)
2. what is your one-word or one-phrase opinion on the war in iraq?
blaaaah - i dislike the news immensley
3. if you could take a drug to make you feel 100% good, but by taking it you'd treat everyone like an ass, would you still take it?
not at all - i'd rather just be my rather happy rather sad self and make sure i make everyone happy instead of worrying about myself.
4. which affected you more: 9.11 or columbine (or both, it really doesn't matter)? explain.
columbine, because soon after that my (now ex) boyfriend started copy-catting
5. how do you feel about scarification (cutting and other mutilation of the skin)? is it a good thing? is it a bad thing?
i can't stand seeing scars all over someone i love - but i understand it as a way of coping with something. but show me the things and i'll go nuts - i can't see scars and not be affected in a deeply negative way.
6. how do you feel about anorexia and bulimia (eating disorders)?
same thing. i understand people who hurt and feel bad about their bodies and such...but talk to me about it as if it's cool or normal and i'll start screaming. i hate it.
7. what does kurt cobain's death mean to you?
unresponsible and sad - he was smart and creative but honestly, if i knew him in my personal life i probably would've tried beating him up. i have a serious short-fuse for suicidalness.
8. have you ever been in a situation where your life was threatened? were there seemingly worse results in saving yourself from it?
@_@;;; - like i cannot tell you.
9. what was the last judgement someone passed on you that really offended the hell out of you (details need not be explicitly revealed)?
ha - i'm a "sick motherfucker"
10. what makes you turn your tv off?
the news, MTV, modern nickelodian, and cooking shows.

happy stuff, i know. but i'm just curious. and what an eyecatching title! "painslut". i couldn't resist (hey, it gets you to look at the survey). somehow i'd like to use the accumulated opinions in my grad project somehow...but i'll have to wait for a heavy stroke of inspiration because at this moment i'm a tad too disoriented to channel my resources correctly. it was just one of those days. on top of the generically blah things that took place, fourth block (particularly the end) just made mt. myssi want to errupt. i hate being muted by my own means of expression but i really don't want to say too much. all i will say is someone is being a serious fuck-up and will in the end completely screw themself into the ground. if you think that's about you or someone you know, you just run with that theory.

fourth block was interesting, though...i had gym but didn't pack for it, and yet the lady still made me be active, even though i was ready to pass out. i hadn't counted on it being nice weather and it wound up being far too hot for velvet X_X (<-- deadness). and of course, i chose today to wear my boots with heels. *shudders* feet and legs are in remission as we speak. sara and i went on a long walk during gym...outside, in the heatedness, with HURT! but one particular part of the walk made it all fine. we stopped at the swings.

much of my formative years and traumas took place on and near that swingset. i met my best friend there, i met my best enemy there, i used to hang out there with my first little group of friends and i used to hang out there when i was all alone and my male companions had all left me in favor of football. *le sigh*...that's a special swingset. sara was in that gym period and i've known her the longest, so we reminisced about 4th-6th grade on that ugly old playground...we scarred a lot of minds and reduced many a brain-cell count on the cruddy slide...

ANYHOO - i'm going to try this for once (since i finally remember)...

1. what was the last TV show you watched?
"rock med" on vh1
2. what was the last thing you complained about?
3. who was the last person you complimented and what did you say?
a friend said i had nice legs and was very pretty ^-^
4. what was the last thing you threw away?
candy wrapper - i *heart* nestle crunch eggs
5. what was the last website (besides this one) that you visited?
no site, but i searched for things on trichotillomania.

*sputters* - i've had an utterly bland week, haven't i? hasn't anything outstandingly special happened to k@ri lately? well, actually...yesterday i finally remembered to watch the white stripes on conan o'brien, and out of all the songs in their gorgeous, godly repetoire...what did they sing?!?!?!


that thrilled me to bits ^-^ i don't care what kind of funny shirt he wants to heart and all attatched vital organs belong to jack and jack alone - *orgasms*. i should like to do a layout of him...a new one desperately wants to put in an appearance, i just have a few that i'm very fond of and i'm letting them fight it out for my attention.

*yawns* - and now i must rest and watch the rest of "the virgin suicides" with the actor and actress i hate and the score that i love...

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