4:24 p.m. x 2003-05-04

put manda and i in any strange situation and wackiness ensews. we are the living laverne and shirley and this saturday was a great example...we used our superior eccentricism to scare the living crap out of half the population of new york city ^-^ and we had a grand and lovely time doing so!

wall drugs, keys, hello kitty, "erotoscope", van houten farms, and the invisible "screaming mimi's" were just a few key parts in what made the weekend special. being the ever-insistant ones, we graced the two virgin megastores (time square, union square) with our presence in order to obtain the "mOBSCENE" single. one of the definite hilights was seeing the dakota...where my uncle (i believe) tried breaking in when the guard wasn't looking. and the hard rock cafe ^-^ where they played "come together" and "yesterday" while we were eating! HOORAY!!!

things acquired while on this excursion include...le tigre, bikini kill, jimi hendrix, brian hugh warner, theSTART, and the yeah yeah yeahs..."on the road", a book by billy childish, and things about jimi, the beatles, and tom of finland...and my birthday isn't even until tuesday ^-^. I HAD FUN! and so did manda, despite the explicit evidence which led us to believe we were being followed by the manson family in the "mr. softee" ice cream truck.

i'd like to live there - i feel safe being completely dwarfed by large buildings. there's a certain responsibility and security that comes with being the short one...i've no clue what exactly but i'm sure there is because i like my shortness a lot ^-^. i'd hate being tall - i'm not intimidating. i'm just bizarre, and short fits bizarre better than tall. *sputter* - i'm not awake yet...we spent many an hour trying to find a non-existant vintage clothier.

and forgive the lack-of-an-entry this was -_- i'll be back and awake later. *promiseness!*

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