regression: confessions of the closet otaku

8:39 p.m. x 2003-05-07

i seriously wouldn't mind it being seventh grade again. for all the weirdness surrounding sixth grade and the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE events of eighth grade, seventh grade was my good patch. even with gimpy, my ex - the hobbit. i seriously enjoyed that year...i did a fabulous series of drawings that year. they were all based on "serial experiments lain" and "gundam wing", *sniff*...i still cry watching gundam. my mother had to run into my room one night and console me over an episode. i forget the exact circumstance but i remember heero was very close to being killed in it, and relena was freaking and he didn't care...*whimpers* GOD - that is a testament to my lameness.

not only does the memory still upset me, but i can very vividly remember parts of it T__T. i miss anime. i have no idea why that's decided to re-manifest itself now, probably because i've been on the sad-side lately. and nothing makes one happier than to see curiously semi-clothed women and cynical androgynous men enjoy arguments and affairs over catchy synth, elaborate fight scenes, and transformers-esque firearms! ah - those were the days. i can still recite an uncanny amount of the plot of sailor moon season S. after all, sailor saturn made me who i am today.

it was kind of odd, the other day as i was rooting through my anime-oriented belongings to see what was still kicking around. a lot of friendships i've forged since kind of quieting down that interest somehow reflect a lot of the characters i used to love.

i'll say it for you so you don't have to: MYSSI = DORK, a thousand times over. it's true - but i am proud ^-^ and for you, the viewer, if you're honestly curious enough about my social affairs and wish to gain a better picture in your mind of my closest confidants, you may use my useful guide...

tweak = usagi from sailor moon
rachel = ryoko from tenchi muyo!
manda = kiyone from tenchi muyo!
jaypea = kojiro from pokemon
myself = washuu from tenchi muyo!
(shockingly accurate - with the exception of areas of expertise)

i'm sure there's more (isn't there always?) but those i thought to be frighteningly close. if you'd like to get a clearer understanding of the mentalities of the aformentioned, do so by running to your local blockbuster and laugh at k@ri's inability to meet the normal standard of a social life.

and one last thing - THANK YOU ^-^ to everyone who signed the guestbook & left notes pour mon anniversaire. i *heart* you ~ *MWAH!!!*

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