ten hours in analog heaven

9:11 p.m. x 2003-05-08

all this work is making me physically ill, and the best medicine for it would be to allow myssi to lie in bed all day tomorrow and watch the beatles anthology vhs set that she recieved in the mail today T__T.

at least the fact stands that the worse i feel, the more likely it is that i see a good movie. it's some sort of odd karmic balance - bad day, good movie. it's at least something to look foreward to. i realized that this week - i've felt like crap for the past month (with brief exceptions *coughbirthdaycough*) and within the past week i've seen both "M" and "the city of lost children" - both movies i've been wanting to see - on cable. and my mother bought "spirited away" ^-^ which is too precious for words.

but my heart, at the moment, belongs to the anthology set. *dies* - if it may involve john lennon moving, it is inherently good. i haven't even hit my favorite era yet...of course, i could just skip right to #5 but what would be the fun in that? despite already knowing the backlog quite well?

*sputters* - it still frustrates me slightly. it reminds me how much i'd like a band. seeing any band play reminds me of it. but, i'll have to wait...there isn't anybody within a fifty mile radius of my present position worth band-ing with...

...so some 360 songs are just collecting dust in my room -_-. really - only about 60 are usable and good. the other 300 simply do not. but it sounds tres impressive, neh? i'm quite dedicated to my lyrics and my singing...i can project again!!! which means my lungs are recovering from the wrath of second-hand smoke. so despite the fact that i miss his dear little bald head, it's marginally beneficial that jaypea isn't carting me home as often.

WHICH REMINDS ME!...the little dear gave me a gift, the "sublime" cd!!! AWE!!! i didn't really expect him to get me anything - which made it even nicer...he went home during independant study and got it for me T__T he could've gone to mcdonalds to get himself lunch or to anywhere else but...*sniffles*...that made me really happy!!! i wanted that one too ^-^ *squee!*.

so yes. life doesn't suck right this second. many an aspect of life does, but not so much in it's entirety.

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