9:09 p.m. x 2003-05-11

erin: you mean like, don't be a follower, don't do what everyone else says?
clare: means don't fuck sheep.

*collapse* - that was quite a weekend. and to celebrate - myssi's first ever self-designed layout!!!!! cute, neh? the picture is katie jane garside...because i've been listening to "drink me" and "taxidermy" way too much for my own good...anyway, on with the entry.

on friday, clare and i stalled around the school to watch a rehearsal of a student-written play about, oddly enough, a play. it's actually quite promising, which is just sad. if a student-written play upstages the real one that just finished running, something is definitely wrong. after this, we departed back to chez clare, where we bounced on a trampoline and made a found-art-object out of a television.

in the morning, we had a doomed yard sale (it rained -_-) wherein we met taylor the mullethead; a nine-year-old kid who would kick empty boxes into the mud and celebrate in a triumphant cheer.

i believe we've seen the future of the WWF.

and so it was from there to amanda b.'s party at a lovely pavillion near a playground, where jordan, clare, tweak, snicky, myself, and all the other assorted speds garnered strange looks from preschoolers. only we could pull that off with such a small degree of dignity, really -_-. to add injury to the aformentioned insult: i ate too much cake @_@ and proceeded to conquer the tire swing.

come to your own conclusions.

BUT!!! 'twas fun. shortly after clare & i went to amanda b.'s house for a sleepover, in which ashley and tiffany joined us in watching "girl", drooling over the todd sparrow character, and being inexplicably freaked by the ghost in amanda b.'s house @_@;;;.

at least they waited until i was done to tell me the bathroom was haunted T__T otherwise i wouldn't have been able to go...

upon arriving home, i promptly passed out due to the intense heat and eliminated any chances of possible activity for today -_- so i just watched "anthology" with my mom for mother's day and we marveled at the changes in sir paul through the years.

if we learned anything from this weekend, it is the all-important fact that swank magazine will suck the lesbian right out of you and the "golden age" album comes out tuesday ^-^ *SQUEE!*

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