abortion, therapy, and mickey mouse - in that order

7:55 p.m. x 2003-05-13

we have our debates approaching soon in speech class, and jordan and i really want to debate abortion. so of course, the conversation nazi that is our teacher stuck us with two uterus-less opponants who don't want to approach the topic. well...they are, if they keep failing to come up with more appealing ones...i wouldn't mind doing the legalization of gay & lesbian marriage or something, but i kind of had my heart set on abortion -_-. merrr.

i can already get really passionate and seething about that anyway, as i did today in therapy where susan the therapist lit a really yummy-smelling candle for about four seconds before she realized that she couldn't stand it -_- my poor therapist. that session went quickly today, which was good, i suppose, because then i went out and got THE NEW BRIAN HUGH ALBUM (and a jimi!)!!!!!!!!!

i am tres pleased - it makes me dance! BUTBUTBUTBUTBUTBUTBUT...it doesn't have the german intro thingie!!! that pretty little clip i downloaded...*shivers*...it's a ghost clip!!! argh you brian, that was SOOOO PRETTYYY!!! i think he needs to release little german clip thingie as a single...

*sputter sputter* god, very little has gone my way lately. i'm sure all will improve for the summer, now if you'll excuse me, i must go make squeaky noises over the phone to myself. au revoir.

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