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3:12 p.m. x 2003-05-15

the official hit of the day is "22 huge bums". i applaude you, whoever you are.

after roughly a week of procrastinating, my group finally had our symposium in speech class today, lasting a grand honking hour discussing the beatles, applesauce, and airports. overall - i think religious cults was the way to go topic-wise. how else would one be able to fit lisa marie presley and arsonic-laced juicy juice into the same statement?

the latter half of my day made an appreciable (is that a word?! it can be...) effort to make up for the former half. i fell asleep on a stool in biology and had an unannounced test in american cultures @_@;;; actually, i'm sure it was announced, but i was more than likely asleep at the time.

after that happy atrocity i spent the free periode with manda, trying to make her smile or have some degree of responce to my presence. i apologized for absolutely nothing, just to make sure she wasn't mad at me, and while she accepted my i'm-sorry-for-nothing, she still didn't really respond to me all day, nor did she seem that happy to see me at the end of the day. this is quite like the prequel to our eighth grade fight, WHICH WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! because that was my fault, so i control recurrences!!! and it won't happen, because i haven't done anything to my manda...

*sputter* - i'd go into it further but i've been relaying so much to my therapist and the guidance councelor that i'm all repeated-out.

public service announcement :::

and i'd like to take a little moment now to express how i can't stand the art administration at my highschool by saying that derogatory statement not often heard from a manically stressed little pseudogoth girl...


thank you. that is all - *beep*.

now if you don't mind, my mommy's bought my cheese bread. i'm much more in the mood for cheese bread than talking about the art club, so i'm going to abandon that mindset for the duration of the day and go gain weight. i'd ask you to come but i'd probably slip barbituate in your applesauce.

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