"i do not (hate all men)! i just hate all these obnoxious, extroverted, pseudo-bohemian art-school losers!"

7:04 p.m. x 2003-05-18

enid said it best. it helps me to know that i'm not the only girl with that opinion (well, i am the only real one, but enid's cool enough to be taken litterally).

yesterday's shopping excursion made me satisfied enough with my weekend to stay in today ^-^ with my etta james cd and four new comics (ghost world, saint tail, revolutionary girl utena, and fushigi yugi - hey, i had cash >-< !!!) and a lovely new notebook featuring miss bettie page ^-^.

next week, i'm so getting her on a beach towel. mmmmmm-hmm. i can't believe i forgot about my funny little comic store...if the barnes & noble plan fails, i can always swallow my pride and work for the two sad old men there. but even with my strength and integrity, i doubt i could stomach a work week in there assisting some middle-aged hippo look for vintage x-men artifacts and pokemon cards. i just couldn't.

*shivers as she looks at the ghost world book* - that hit too close to home. it was different from the movie in a good way, but reminded me too much of manda & i lately.

i'm in a bit of an emotional rut that i need to get out of -_-. I'M SURE I'D FEEL BETTER IF I HAD A BAND...*ugh* i should just wear a little "desperate" sign around my neck. seriously. but i can't help it T__T !!! i REEEAALLY want one...or i'm going to cry. all these sad little men at school have bands and they SUCK to the point of PAIN and i'd just like one so that we could be INTERESTING and UN-SUCKY...*sniffles*

i'm getting myself excited again. i think i should go finish fushigi yugi and make snicky a birthday card...*waves goodbye*.

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