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8:01 p.m. x 2003-05-20

this morning, my bio class had played review game for our upcoming test and i was on kerry and anndra's team. we won, and even though i wasn't fast enough to answer any questions on my own for the team, kerry and anndra still smiled & hugged me when we won.

the rest of my day went on the decline after that until fourth block. tiff was upset because her best friend was being a complete bitch to her. then tiff started to cry and...well, you see, i'm not a vengeful person. but that made me so MAD - tiffany is one of the sweetest, funniest, purest little people i know! HOW DARE SOMEBODY MAKE HER CRY!!!!!!!!!

it drove me insane. half because of the above fact and half because i'm having a similar ordeal right now.

i try and i try and i try, you know? i try to avoid offending people. i try to avoid upsetting them. i try to avoid making them mad at me - and to no avail.

if i'm trying to say anything with this jibberish - it's that everyone's slightly different. and you should respect that. some people are vegetarians, some people eat meat, some people are agnostics, some people are christians, some people smoke, some people have asthma...etc.

BUT THAT'S THEM. i honestly don't mind what anyone else does as long as they don't preach it to everyone and expect them to follow en suit. i can talk to tweak for hours about christianity even though i'm not a christian and she is - hardcore - but we respect one another enough to not get entangled in a stupid argument about it. as soon as you say "no...____ is bad and you shouldn't do it! now shut up cause i'm right!" you're crossing the line.

why doesn't anybody like me anymore -_- it's taking all the enthusiasm i have left to do this, so goodnight and


i *heart* you, johnny girl ~ hope you had a lovely seventeenth birthday.

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