for such a sucky day, i got away with a lot

5:35 p.m. x 2003-05-22

as bas as today was for myssi's karma, i really got a lot of nice breaks today. i slept in bio, second block went down smoothly, i got to huddle in a little ball in the nurse in lunch, escaped most of third block, and...well, fourth block wasn't terribly happy. but i'm sure not many people could get away with screaming "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" - especially in my sad little voice - repeatedly at a girl while playing indoor hockey.

heh...that was interesting, allow me to explain.

so, i was feeling quite blah, and but i had to play because my gym grade is just depressing, even for me. the goalie was done with her position so i switched with her because nobody's allowed to get anywhere near the goal (it's in a special little purple-box-shaped part of the floor ^-^ so i had a few feet free on every side of me). so...i was just standing there...watching amanda b., ashley, tiff and amber fight with the little hockey-ball thinger, and it comes my way! so, i strike my battle pose (which is really just sliding my stick more in front of my and i stop twirling it around), and suddenly someone gets RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and starts smacking the thingee with her stick!!!


so...i kind of lost it...we apologized later, because it really wasn't her that made me's just, as stewart says, ...the world...

BUT, when i got home, my mom took me to the mall and i got the next fushigi yugi graphic novel ($15 T__T i remember why my mom stopped buying my manga for so long...), sunglasses, a BETTIE PAGE beachtowel (*rawr!*), and THE WORLD'S CUTEST SWIMSUIT!!!

seriously...and i'm not a bathing suit person, either. it's black with a zipper up the bust and a little skirty action going on. it's adoooorable...!!!!!!! i'm tres tres happy. i can never find bathing suits that look cute on me! so my mood has vastly improved from earlier, and tomorrow clare's mommy is picking her and i up from school ^-^ so i won't have to face the evils of the bus...

today, some little bastard popped a balloon when he knew it scared the shit out of ashley. i HATE IT when people do that...*arrrrgh*. i know i seem really misanthropic lately, "i hate i hate blah blah", but don't worry. i'm just seeking vengence on the fuckupedness of the world we live in, and i'm almost done ^-^. tomorrow ought to be good anyway, speech in the library!!!

i think i'm going to watch "the exorcist" before i retire tonight...i good you bid evening...

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