"why do you always wear black?"

8:15 p.m. x 2003-05-27

hello, audience dearest. my was today unique...after my three-day departure to the shores of north carolina with le clare, i have returned with numerous bug bites and atrocious sunburn (all this, and i was only outside once). i missed my jaypea today -_- (he didn't pick me up in the morning, and went missing during the day, but appearantly he was indeed there...sorry, johnny-love T__T !!!) but everything went smoothly with the manda. i think she's un-mad at me, if she was ever mad in the first place...@_@ merr, i don't know. i never knew to begin with, to tell you the truth.

an interesting phenomenon occured today as jordan and i loitered about the bathroom in third block. a freshman chose that moment to ask that infamous question: "why do you always wear black?". i just giggled to myself at the irony of her question. i chose today out of the whole year to wear a pink shirt. HA!

indeed, though, i was quite happy with myself ^-^ i had a very jessicka-esque look going on today. while at the beach, clare and i found ourselves at a strip-mall where the only familiar names were "claire's" and "the gap". frightening, neh? it gets worse. at the gap, i found an ADORABLE shirt...hot pink & baby pink stripes ^-^ it was a small child's t-shirt, and the largest size (XXXlarge...-_-;;;) juuust fit me, but looked world's better with a low-necked black sweater over it, not unlike the picture of miss j on the back of the band-aid 7" ^-^. i feel so special and doppleganger-esque...i'm young, i'm allowed...

the next 7" has a cover by roman dirge. i'm wildly intrigued...*sobs* I WANT TO SEE THEM LIVE!!! and, someday, when myssi has her own band...i shall tour with the likes of jessicka & katie jane, just you see! with my own little strange band...of the amish & a midget...

more later. i must speak to rachel & fall asleep in my laundry.

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