6:30 p.m. x 2003-05-28

i finally got a few precious moments alone in the living room to make a weak attempt at viewing the new brian hugh disc's bonus dvd "doppelherz". VERY good, that of which i saw...something about it makes me smile and remember to watch "mulholland drive" again. very lynch-ee and dark.

speaking of mr. warner and cinema - he and tim burton should really try their luck at that "willy wonka" remake venture. can't you see it? and angelo badalamenti could score it. he did a lot of lynch, "secretary", "the city of lost children" and a bunch of other yummy things.

i've been getting to appreciate film more and more lately. especially after seeing the short film for "taxidermy" and the german movie "M" - i only saw the last scene in the court room where the child killer is pleading his case and i was moved to itty bitty bits. seriously, if you haven't seen that, you really should. and "the city of lost children" is so cute and quirky - it's like "spirited away" meets "edward scissorhands" en francaise. i love unique movies...on my list of things to see are "black christmas", "blood feast", "happiness", "irréversible", "seul contre tous"...and i want to rent "welcome to the dollhouse again".

that movie left the worse taste in my mouth ever - *blaah!* - but i loved it. i suppose knowing someone exactly like that would make it a bit more of a creepy experience than intended...

that's it. my goal over the summer will to be produce my own little strange piece of cinema. look for it at sundance two-thousand-something. i'm going to go start writing up my own little scriptee-thing.

*mwah!* - oh little babbling diary, how you inspire me so.

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