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9:29 p.m. x 2003-05-31

*PHEW* - what a day. well i certainly feel better now ^-^. my day started off kind of *mer* - manda wasn't answering her phone. then tweakies called and said "hello - 'tis tweak!" and said that she had something planned and would be "much more fun" if i accompanied her ^-^. you don't know how badly i needed to hear that. or - if you read yesterday's entry you might get a hint of the feeling. anyhoo - then my mom & i ran errands and manda DID call ^-^ so we went to the bookstore together and i got a true crime book, a memoir about eating disorders, and the next installment of saint tail! and manda & i decided nuns are cute. congratsis to nuns-in-training: we will be a'watchin.

then i ran to the tweakerz' and we had a birthday party for katy, the katie holmes look-a-like affectionately known as "aunti m." 'twas tres tres fun. but now i am tres tres exhausted.

important lesson from today's life skills class
if they are brave enough to pick up the phone immediately after watching "the ring" - the whisper of "seven days!" might not meet with the effect you've been giggling about. that is all.

*sputter sputter* - "MAGNOLIA" IS A WONDEROUS WONDEROUS MOOOOOVIIIIIE!!! i watched it the previous evening avec mon pere (that would be "dad" for the french illiterate such as joshie boy), and today i bought the soundtrack ^-^ mmm...i LOOOOOVE "one", "save me", "deathly" and "wise up". i kept playing "one" at the party. yeah...it fit right in between "caress me down" and "minority". and such wonderful latin dance musica! *fails to belly dance* - of course kara can belly dance, she has less of a belly to dance with!!!

and THANK YOOOOOUUUUU ^-^ for being very very VERRRRRY supportive!!!! *suffocatingly big hugs* and *MORE suffocatingly big hugs* to damiana AND EVERRRRRYONE ELSE who hugged moi after my bitterly poor excuse for a surgery ^-^ especially "wilbur" (josh's fetal pig) and "cyrus sylvester" (my fetal pig).

and now this is k@ri saying - GOOD NIGHT! AND A BRIGHTER TOMORROW! *WHOOSH!*

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