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6:36 p.m. x 2003-06-01

my finals are the ninth and tenth, and since i had no major classes third & fourth period, my last day of school is the ninth ^-^ !!! i sincerely hope i'm passing...i don't try to fail anything, you know, i just try to avoid getting into a tizzy over schoolwork, allowing my to tizzy over perpetually everything else >-<. hopefully three months of nothing-to-do will take my edge off and give me time to write and indulge in suspicious behavior. in other words...i need to go clothes-shopping...

i'm falling in love with pink, and while i don't plan on abandoning my special commitment color anytime soon, i'm looking to littler myself with pink accents. that is my goal for the summer (as clare says - make your goals attainable; i.e.: "i will eat too much today."). i'd also like to make a few layouts i've toyed with publically available...i may do that sooner, but many of them still suck.

i need to write my pro-choice debatee thing tonight @_@;;; 'tis my speech final and i'd like to get an okay grade on it. i'll really miss speech class...even if i have a 70-something average in there...

*clickety click*, i am looking through the fat chick's hot topic!, to see if there are any tops i desperately need. i'm getting to prefer "live" shopping to net shopping, though...i used to be mortified by the prospect of trying on clothes in a store >-<;;; then suddenly a clerk came up to me one day and asked if i modeled @_@. i wish i were joking but 'tis true. i know she meant catalogue modeling and not tyra banks modeling, but that's still quite a nice compliment ^-^.

tomorrow i'm off to the fabric store to make buttons! i've been meaning to buy a few scarling pins, but haven't felt like ebaying lately. someone informed me that i could make them, and make them i shall...along with a big honking yellow one that says "MAX is coming!"...

*le sigh* thoughts are rather scattered, it's been a slow i suppose i'll stop bothering you now and go finish revoir.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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