tweak says "you're a buttmunch!"

7:36 p.m. x 2003-06-12

tweak always knows what to say to cheer me up. indeed - there are some things that can not be done in a friendly manner, such as trying to "party" directly following surgery. somehow - i pulled it off for two hours, alas but not much longer until i was a throbbing mess of myssi on tweakie pie's basement floor. i admit, hearing josh yell "CHEESEBALLSSSS!" and planning a big surprise for aliya (THAT'S the real spelling, lo and behold) made me feel better, but not the kind of better only an industrial strength painkiller can provide.

these things are supposed to knock me out. i've had two and not only has there been no knocking, i'm not even especially tired...hmm, i'm a bit of a medical sped.

i wouldn't have been too much of a happy camper tonight anyway. the drugs would've kicked in and i would've started to sob again, and i don't intend to inflict my depression on anyone like that again!!! that's for me in private and i shouldn't have done that, even in such a sad and pitiful pizza parlour as on tuesday...anyhoo. yes. sam the terminally happy republican then chose to shoot my self-esteem in the gut even further by inviting everyone and their three-legged-puppy to a party in july except a certain someone (just GUESS who it was?!?!?!?!?!?!?!).

sam - i refer you to the short description for exactly what i think of you right now. and that is being very, very nice by my standards of insults & various other abuses.

luckily, i've been insured an insta-cure for my chronic emotional ickiness tomorrow: my mother gets paid, and i get EVVVVVVERYTHING from the the joj &!!!!!!! I'M HAPPYYYYY!!! i'm going to order extra "hello scarling." shirts to wear on various occassions. DEFINITELY pink and black...*orgasms* have NO IDEEEAAA how happy i was to see them last night ^-^ !!! obviously - i'm quite close to hello kitty and scarling. (have you seen the top of this layout? scroll up, stooge!), that's just too...*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!*

so yes. feeling somewhat better, i suppose ^-^ i really can't blame sam for how disgustingly brainwashed she is...but i still feel slightly abused...*hides*.

tweak, clare...we're going to have to beat her up.

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