the loss of a great mind

2:24 p.m. x 2003-06-15

betsy died yesterday after suffering from intense brain cancer for the past few months. she will be missed.

*le sigh*...she's in a better place now - planting her flers in heaven.

i don't want to be sad today,'s the first day since my surgery that i'm fully functioning...but i will miss betsy T__T despite her senile antics she had a good heart.

you know, i was going to write a very upbeat entry about hello kitty. i got two very nice, cute tshirts with her today (one with her and her "man" and one with her looking kind of me-esque in a very cute dress). i was going to tell you about some of the humerously gross misdiagnosises by doctor gave me the other day when i went in for an as-yet-uncompleted physical. but mood is shot.

...let's just all have a moment of silence for betsy -_- and i'll come back when i'm a bit more cheery...

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